That Hyperboloid wave has been so serious. Feels like they really stepped it up on all fronts, with Pixelord, Gillepsy, Thomas White, Smith Comma John, and others properly filling up my playlist. They know how to balance their sounds, being unafraid to step a bit outside of the box. They seem to understand that when the future hits you, you have to go with it or risk being left behind. They also know when it's time to dim the lights, turn up the beats, and jam out. The latest release from Ultrademon, who's one of our 8-bit favorites, finds a way to keep the party going without loosing his quirk or sense of melody. The .XVX Files EP is all about the fun, with four tracks soaking in some happy happy joy joy vibes set to the Bmore and Jersey club sounds, with all kinds of twists–be them finger snaps, gunshots, or whatever samples Ultrademon seems to be manipulating at the time. You can stream the full EP exclusively through DAD, then be sure to cop the release when it drops on October 9.