While there aren't noticeable seasons out in LA, the East Coast is moving into fall at a solid clip. It always cracks me up when tracks like "Ass Hypnotized" drop during these chillier months—I know that people want to party any time of the year, but TJR's latest sounds like what my summer should have been. Well, not literally "ass hypnotized," but this record definitely sounds like it's more suited for the warmer summer months. If you've been peeping TJR sets since Ultra earlier this year, you've definitely heard this one: that bounce-y funk, that perfect vocal. TJR and Dances With White Girls have a late-year anthem for those of you who are spending your non-studying time getting crunk... or being hypnotized by that ass. Word is the video drops next week, so cop the single today, and check the teaser up above.