It wasn't until I got to hear new material from The M Machine that I realized how much I'd missed The M Machine. In 2013, they were one of those acts that it seemed like everyone liked, but you never heard people talking about. Hopefully that changes with Just Like, their new EP on OWSLA, that's set to drop on November 11. The title track recently hit Al Gore's Internets, and is on some funky bassline vibes. They said that they used this EP to be kind of "a break from the conceptual and brooding attitude" of their previous material, and makes them "laugh and dance in equal parts." There's definitely a playful nature in this tune, which is always welcome. I loved stuff like "Additional Faces," but it's dope to hear them lift the veil and showcase a grin and wink that let's you know that it's not all just focused determination. Feels somewhat Prince-like, when he got into those heavy rhythms and really sounded like he was enjoying his awesomeness. Stream the full tune below.


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