Caribou, who we recently interviewed, has been hard at work on his new album, Our Love. The 9-tracker is the first substantial release we've had from Dan Snaith since 2010's lilting Swim, and by all accounts, it's decidedly more personal than his past releases.

It's hard to believe Swim was only four years agoit seems like an absolute life time ago. Sure we've had the odd nugget from Snaith either as Caribou or his clubbier alter ego, Daphni, but never more than a remix or the occasional single. And that makes news of Our Love all the more exciting; you can now stream the whole thing in full courtesy of iTunes Radio.

It's a little more club-ready than usual Caribou fare, aligning itself more closely with his Daphni productions, as he incorporates house, soul, garage and hip-hop. Our Love will be released through Merge on October 7. You can pre-order it now and stream it on iTunes Radio while you wait.

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