Not to get too Illuminati on you, but numbers rule everything around me... and you as well. From the serial numbers on our currency to the 0s and 1s behind the screen you're reading right now, numbers are everywhere. With that in mind, we are proud to let you know that on November 11, the Society Of Num3ers project from The Upbeats and Armanni Reign will be presented by DAD. For those who don't know, New Zealand's The Upbeats have been a force to be reckoned with in the drum & bass scene for the past decade, amassing releases on Virus Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Subtitles, Soul:r, and Noisia's Vision Recordings. Armanni Reign is a vocalist who's not only spit on tracks for Zomboy, Noah D, and The Upbeats (including the ferocious "Again I" from their Primitive Technique album), but has performed live with some of the best in the scene, including Goldie and Andy C.

This project isn't some dnb tour de force, though.

Society Of Num3ers finds these figures tackling a much more hip-hop influenced sound, which they all have delved in previously, but never with this vigor. You already know The Upbeats' production acumen, and Armanni's one of the best MCs, lyrically, that's been in the electronic scene. Their EP explores real world situations over impressive, big body beats, leaving the fluff at the door. If you dig hip-hop, or just need a break from the norm, Society Of Num3ers has some heat for you. Preview the entire EP up above, and be on the look out for more as we lead into the official release on 11/11/14.