Swedish artist Snoh is back with what sounds like a major hit, featuring Common. "Bad Things" is the perfect mix of soul and hip-hop, blending the two genres so effortlessly we wish artists would make these smooth type of tracks more often. (Maybe more artists should stop trying to emulate what's hot at the moment and create something a little different.)

Snoh's voice flows over the production so naturally, it's clear she has been working with the song's producer No I.D. for some time, and she has been; she's signed to ARTium records. The way she sings, "Why do I feel so free, when I'm killing me?/I fall into the sky, cut between all the lines" will send shivers to your ear drums. Common comes in and adds some character to the track, rhyming about good versus evil, and how we're all just trying to do a little right out here. "Bad Things" tackles some lofty themes, but the two sound great together. Also, who doesn't love to hear No I.D. with Common? 

Listen to "Bad Things" below and check out more of Snoh's music on her Soundcloud page