When I spoke with Skrillex about his new Mothership stage setup for Complex's "Alien Nation" cover story, he brought up some points about being able to ascend so high into the sky while also being able to get low as hell on the stage. It was dope, because he'd literally just debuted it at Coachella a few days before I'd met up with him in LA, and I remember edhearing that he worked with Red Bull to get this massive rig set up. During the process of creating this stage setup, Red Bull Media House followed Skrillex and his team, giving people unprecedented backstage access to one of the most hardworking artists in the EDM scene as he and his crew built the next chapter in his stage show. This documentary, Let's Make A Spaceship, premiered on Saturday night after Skrillex's set at Austin City Limits, and now the documentary is available for on-demand viewing. It just reinforces how cool and dedicated of a human being that Skrillex is. Check it out.

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