SisQó stands as one of the few R&B artists of the modern era who had success both as part of a group and as a solo act. You can rattle off his hits with ease: "In My Bed," "These Are the Times," "How Deep Is Your Love," "Thong Song," "Incomplete," and the list goes on. In Complex TV's latest episode of #TBT, the R&B veteran shares the stories behind his biggest hits with Dru Hill, and as a dragon unleashed.

SisQó reveals an untold story about their video for the "In My Bed" remix, which was shot in Los Angeles after the 1997 Soul Train Music Awards. Prior to the video shoot, SisQó attended an after-party put on by Puff Daddy, where he and Dru Hill got to meet The Notorious B.I.G. Unfortunately, his first time crossing paths with Biggie would also be his last. 

Following the success of Dru Hill's sophomore album, Enter the Dru, SisQó branched out as a solo artist. His first single "Got to Get It" made some noise upon release, but it was "Thong Song", along with its unforgettable video, that turned the Baltimore native into a national icon. 

Watch the full episode above, where SisQó also talks about hanging out with Lark Voorhies (a.k.a. Lisa Turtle) on the set of "These Are the Times," and wearing a seven-figure watch in the "Incomplete" video that came with a bodyguard. No lie.