When it comes to heavy, grimy electro, there is a label taking that description to new heights, and it's none other than Canadian based Kannibalen Records. They've brought artists like Snails and Black Tiger Sex Machine to my attention so I'm always looking to see what they release next because nine times out of 10 they bring something very different and dynamic to a sometimes repetitive electro world. Which brings me to their latest release, a collaborative effort from Australian Seek N Destroy and L.A.'s own Kayzo, who together have brought an insanely massive tune "Crank," which is absolutely bat-shit crazy.

The synths they used create this eerie carnival vibe, perfect for those upcoming Halloween parties where creepy clowns might be in attendance, and to take things up a notch they effortlessly combined a heavy metallic sound with massive and impactful sub bass that together teeters on the verge of hardstyle; all of which combine to create an insanely heavy big-electro tune that I can definitely see being dropped at HARD Day of the Dead while the crowd eats it up. The song was quick to grab my attention and if it catches yours as well be sure to check the remixes by Charlie Darker and Karluv Klub.

This release definitely has me on some Halloween vibes hopefully it does for you too, be sure to check it out and keep your eye on this label and these artists, I feel like they have more massive tunes like this one up their sleeves for us to enjoy in the future.