We're sitting here crossing our fingers that the past couple weeks of activity on Djemba Djemba's SoundCloud account is setting the tone for the next couple months, as he's uploaded two insane records in as many weeks, and enabled downloads on both offerings.  His latest is an energetic flip of RL Grime's "Core" that somehow takes an already tough record and ramps it up a hundred notches with some of the hardest drums we've heard this year, and melts everything on planet earth with the second drop.  This one is great to listen to by itself, but doubles as a phenomenal transition record if you're a fresh DJ and you need to shave 30 beats per minute in one move.  We have no clue where this inspiration and these kind offerings are coming from, but we aren't looking a gift horse in the mouth, and you shouldn't either.  Feel free to stream or snag this banger below: