Beat blueprint: Screwed vocal loops, ominous organ riffs, and “ahhh” exhale sound effects
Signature beat: Rick Ross “Hustlin’” (2006)
Beat clones: DJ Khaled “Born-N-Raised” (2006), Beanie Sigel “All The Above” (2007), Curren$y “Where Da Cash At” (2008)

With songs like Lil Wayne’s “Money On My Mind” and Rick Ross’s “Hustlin’” running 2005 and 2006, the Miami production team The Runners proved that slowed down vocal samples didn’t belong solely to Houston, putting their own bombastic twist on the increasingly popular sound. But even as the duo became DJ Khaled’s go-to beatmakers and scored more hits, with and without screwed hooks, all their tire-screeching bangers started to sound the same, until finally their clients moved onto something new.