Earlier this year, Taiwanese rapper Dwagie dropped his song "Refuse to Listen," the title track off of his third album. Dwagie is big in his home country in his own right, but for "Refuse to Listen," Dwagie imported Nas for a blockbuster feature. Today, we present the super-official music video to go with it, in which shadowy figures get strangled by chains, a lava monster lords over all, and the paparazzi rushes around, documenting the apocalypse. The video is subtitled, so you can follow along at home as Dwagie raps about marching the hard road to the top before summoning Nas to share an elevator ride the rest of the way up, which rather seems like cheating, no? Watch the video above, go here for more from Dwagie, and catch him this Friday at New York's Highline Ballroom as part of Taiwan Music Express's CMJ showcase.