Joeri "Torus" Woudstra's latest cut, "Creepin", has a rhythm section so gradual you don't notice it until it's on top of you. Add that to the vocals, which have been pitched way down, and you've got a lurching mammoth of a track that devours everything in its path. If you're up-to-date on Game of Thrones, you'll know it would be the perfect accompaniment to that scene from that episode. If you couldn't care less, you'll surely still appreciate the sheer magnitude of the crushing low end. Beneath the encroaching synth-led armageddon is a snappy, percussive line that calls to mind the low slung swagger and codeine-haze of Southern hip-hop. It's just driven enough that the track has direction and structure without dominating the lurching rhythm. Taken from the Dutch producer's November 24 EP, Temples, stream "Creepin" in full down below.