These days, words like "legend" and "originator" are thrown around with all the sincerity of a Cheryl Cole song. But in the case of Tony Thorpe aka Moody Boyz, both descriptors are more than apt. Having cut his teeth with his post-punk band 400 Blows and then studio mixing for The KLF, Thorpe has a unique perspective when it comes to the futuristic post-dubstep whateverness that we have now. "Slave 2 Technology", his new record as Moody Boyz, which sees him team up with Janset (the MC half of dubstep duo, Stinkahbell), is a surprisingly poppy endeavour. Not that it's disposable, it's just unexpected.

As poppy at it its, the production is densely packed with a thousand different elements popping off at any one point. Were the video set in the future it would be dystopian, but since it's set in the present day, it's all the more alarming. Moody Boyz and Janset use breakneck-editing and intrusive camera angles (as well as Janset's lyrics) to address society's interminable obsession with social media and online presence, and how it's become a self-imposed surveillance nightmare. Watch it, up top. Slave 2 Technology, the EP, is out on December 1.