You may not have heard of French duo, The Geek and VRV, but with Gramatik giving their new record his seal of approval by releasing it on his Lowtemp label, it's surely worth a shot. As their bio proudly states, "the future meets the past" on this one and The Geek and VRV have found that sweet spot with laser-sight precision on "Magic Travel". Chock full of French cool and a lick of throwback funk, it takes the shifting, clipped vocals that seemed to go hand-in-hand with the French electro explosion of a few years ago and transposes it into something more futuristic. Linking to that future is a healthy dose of house and even just the faintest allusion to some of the FX-driven shoegaze you might expect from the Low End Theory crew; it's subtle but it's there. Listen to "Magic Travel" below.

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