Him_Self_Her, otherwise known as Leicester's Claire and Leon, have wasted no time in their brief career. Having only started DJing and producing together in 2012, it's staggering to think they've already notched up some rather successful singles, which they're now following up with a deep house cut in the form of "Love You Like I Used To", all with the vocal assistance of Kieran Fowkes who previously found success on another Crosstown Rebels Hit, "Gone Too Long".

A pulsing tech-house throb underpins this ultra cool piece of pop-licked deep house. Naturally, the video is chock full of interminably cool and attractive people wandering through an abandoned building. Interestingly, this rather bleak scene is interspersed with other, equally cool people, playfully holding up signs to illustrate the lyrics which makes for a slightly odd juxtaposition. 

"Love You Like I Used To" could sit perfectly well in a late set, yet the production is rich enough, and the tempo relaxed enough, that it could also be enjoyed at home in a nice armchair. Watch the video for the original version, below. The track is out now.