"Cuba", the lead track from BMB Spacekid's EP of the same name, is a surprising slab of '80s funk that could easily have been produced by Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz. Going a step further, the similarities between BMB Spacekid's "Cuba" and the Happy Mondays' "Yes Please!", or any Tom Tom Club, are impossible to ignore.

It's a squelchy jam session that may come as a surprise to fans of the Russian hip-hop producer. Clearly aiming for a sound reminiscent of '80s West Coast funk and hip-hop, Dimitry Semenov makes heavy use of the sort of rumbling funk bass licks that would make George Clinton proud. Ostensibly a hip-hop producer, like HudMo and his ilk, he has elected to explore the proggier side of hip-hop; more Afrika Bambaataa than A$AP Rocky.

BMB Spacekid's Cuba EP is due for release on on October 17 through The Full Hundred. Take a listen to the title track, here: