When Phace and Misanthrop aren't producing some of the most interesting and forward-thinking drum & bass out there, they're uniting as Neosignal and crafting a sound they call "neo digital krautrock," which taking a more rock approach without neglecting the expansive world of electronic music. They dropped their Raum and Zeit album via Noisia's Division Recordings imprint, and are set to follow it up with Space Gsus, a seven-track EP that features this gem "Don't Lie." While similar in sound to their 2013 single "Sequenz," 'Don't Lie" ups the ante, turning those chords into a heavier electro jam. It goes from being a gritty Daft Punk (circa Human After All) vibe into bringing some really heavy techno vibes into the mix.

Word is that the duo has been sorting out their new live show, and it's said that each track on Space Gsus has a video that it synced with the material. I guess our only hope is that they bring this to the U.S. at some point. Stream "Don't Lie," as well as the video for the EP's title track, below.