A down-tempo bassline melds with trilling synths for a day-glo merry-go-round of a track on Los Angeles-based dance/rock band Misun's latest single "Superstitions." Misun Wojcik's lead vocal has a uniquely enticing timbre, and truly elevates the production, too. "Superstitions" is the lead track from the band's forthcoming debut album of the same name to be released on November 11. Misun's likely best known to indie dance fanatics as the rock project for producer Nacey (of Angel Haze's "I Own It" fame). After a T&A Records release and an A-side/B-side produced alongside Derek "DJA" Allen, the album follows in a string of dance-friendly singles that have spanned the gamut from tribal guarachero to Baltimore club and everything in-between.