Twerking is finally dead. At least that's what twerk queen Miley Cyrus says. 

During an interview with the Australian talk show "Sunrise," Miley Cyrus explained that twerking is in the past. The cool thing to do now is the nae nae. Fortunately for Miley and her fans, the nae nae is much more simple than twerking, and you don't need to have a big ass to do it well. You literally just put your hand up, wave it side to side, and shuffle your feet. If you need help with that you can just check out Miley's step by step instructions in the video.  

Miley admitted that her dancers, the LA Bakers, actually taught her the nae nae, but we have a feeling that won't stop people from calling it Miley's dance. Sorry WeAreToonz, you just got jacked by this dude's daughter.