Atlanta rapper Michael Aristotle may not rap with the same vengeance as up-and-coming Atlanta spitters OG Maco and Key!, but his flow is effective and today, he premieres his video for "Heavy 2.0," a bonus cut off of his upcoming album, Thanks For Nothing.

"Heavy 2.0" features some ominous production by Wili Hendrix that blends perfectly with Michael's honest bars. From rhyming about his mother's alcohol addiction to purchasing fake Jordans online, he spits about every day shit that people go through. Michael rhymes so swiftly that "Heavy 2.0" is frenetic at times, while JaqueBeatz adds some of his vocals, which bring an aggressive, but much needed contrast to the track.

For the video, Michael goes back in forth between spitting in a dilapidated house that's basically a construction site to styling in a suburban home, illustrating his come up from pissed stained floors to Versace pillows. Well, not Versace pillows quite yet, but he does have gold on the wrist and two chains on the neck. Check out the video for "Heavy 2.0" directed by Hued Productions. Michael's upcoming project, Thanks For Nothing, is coming out soon.