Yves Mondesir—better known by his professional alias DJ Whoo Kid—is one of the most accomplished DJs in hip-hop history. Born and bred in Jamaica, Queens, he cut his teeth at the street level in the late '90s, a major part of that being his relentless presence on the mixtape circuit. You couldn't go anywhere in NYC without hearing exclusives from DJ Whoo Kid, whether it was a collaborative tape with Stretch Armstrong, or something by 50 Cent and G-UnitWhoo Kid has since moved on to bigger ventures, including a primetime slot on Sirius XM Radio​, as well as traveling around the world for DJ gigs, all off the strength of his mixtape days.

With today being DJ Whoo Kid's birthday, it's only right that we celebrate his success by highlighting a bunch of memorable mixtapes that he was a part of. Several of them feature 50 Cent and other G-Unit members, which makes sense considering his close ties to the crew. But also included are gems from Mobb Deep, Nipsey Hussle, Max B, French Montana, and more. From Queens to South Central, DJ Whoo Kid's legacy lives on through the tale of the (mix)tape.