Russia’s 813 has been lacing the underground with his special high-octane brand of twinkly beat madness for a few years now. Earlier this year 813 parlayed that into a deal with Mad Decent and released his XOXO EP via Jeffrees and has since then enjoyed quite a boost in popularity. Today he makes a case for an even bigger status with a new remix of Lido’s “Lost.” The remix is a medley of both 813’s particularly bombastic club-ready, video game-inspired sound with Lido’s soulful yet explosive own style. This is quite a big track that really highlights why 813 is so highly regarded. While there are points in this track where 813 could have easily decimated this track with his own particularly maximalist sound, he reins in some to let it gel with Lido’s original. The track still has a bombastic energy and has some particularly explosive sections though so don’t take the reining in as some sort of pass to not take this track seriously. It’s very serious. Unfortunately, there’s no DL or a release date on this though, so you’ll have to keep streaming it.

(Mad Decent)