The thinnest of chopped snares, looped blaring synths and an undulating bassline dominate Lisbon, Portugal native KKing Kong's latest thumping kuduro track for Enchufada's Upper Cuts, "Zangalas." A punchy banger best served as a festival, carnivale, or underground party starter, it's certain to get the sweat pouring like sheets of rain off bodies or ceilings (depending on where you are). A quick Google search turns up "Zangala" as being the name of a stream that empties into Luanda Bay in northwestern Angola (the kuduro genre's native home). What many may not entirely be aware of is that for 400 years (1575-1975) Angola was a colony of Portugal, thus the Angolan influence in Portgual as a country makes the sheer amount of top-rate kuduro coming out of southern Europe (from the likes of KKing Kong and others) likely make much more sense.