The last time we covered a teacher who twerked was the infamous tale of Carly Crunk Bear, who didn't get fired for twerking so much as the tweets about smoking weed and such. Diplo did retweet her expressing herself. Anyways, 22-year-old Vine sensation Jessica Vanessa has a different tale. This former pre-K teacher actually had the sense to quit her job when she realized that her, ahem, assets could be used in a much better way:

That's right, she's become a professional twerker! The Daily Mail reports that Jessica is currently making "in six seconds what she would have earned in four months of working in a school," which is a serious come-up. Truth be told, it's not like her twerking is getting her paid—I mean, she is one of the best twerkers I've seen on the Internets in a minute—but it's how she can flip those ~two million Vine followers that gets her paid. See, she actually cakes up off of advertisers asking her to mention their products in her videos. Hell, if you scroll through her Vine, you can see that she mixes in a lot of more comedic shorts with her bombastic twerk videos.

Still, those six second rump-shaking quickies helped her pay off student loans, buy a car in full, and get out of debt. Not mad at Jessica at ALL; this is the American dream, right?

Barcroft did a story on Jessica, where she breaks down her Vine career and how it helped her life in her own words. Check it out: