Toronto rapper Jazz Cartier is back with his new video for "Switch," a track inspired by the 1990 Detroit Pistons, also known as the Bad Boys. Jazz skipped the basketball theme, though, and detailed the real hobbies of the Get Home Safe crew: they sipped 40s, smoked weed, and got the party lit. It's not that other people don't do this in their videos, it's just that no other crew does it as well as the Get Home Safe kids. They're the dudes that roll through the party and have the whole house on tilt. 

Halfway through the video, we hear the more sinister track "The Downtown Cliché," and the visuals gets a darker treatment, too. Jazz takes us on a ride around Toronto, which feels like something straight out of a John Carpenter movie. Jazz's project Marauding In Paradise is coming out soon. In the meantime, get familiar with his music on Soundcloud, and watch this double music video on loop.