We can probably all agree that the paparazzi is scummy. Stalking Iggy Azalea at the grocery store is uncalled for, despite the paparazzo saying she's asking for it by being famous and living in Los Angeles. That said, Azalea went a bit too far when she yelled, "I hope you have Ebola, I hope you die. You're a fucking cunt."

That line came after Azalea's friend spit on the paparazzo and he suggested it was assault because she might have AIDS. The rest of what she Iggy said, however, is on point. "You're invading my life," she says. "You're in the store when I'm trying to buy eggs. ... Being a musician doesn't give you the right to sneak into a supermarket and take photographs of somebody buying eggs."

At least homeboy admits at the end (albeit sarcastically), "I'm a fucking creep."