Last month, Mat Zo's dnb-influenced take on I See MONSTAS' "Circles" blew our minds... primarily because it's one of a string dnb remixes that Zo has been knocking out. And while that take is dope, there's something about Special Request's remix, which channels the jungle scene like noneother. It's funny; this drops in the midst of the recent jungle war dubs spectacular, which had a lot of my junglist friends miffed. It was probably because people were just having a go at making jungle tunes, while we all know the pristine quality and attention to detail that true jungle tunes can contain. This take on "Circles" would probably make that section of my friends list much happier, as he throws a rolling, sub bass-heavy take full of twinkling pianos, and vocal snippets into one mesmerizing package. It looks like this will be a part of the "Circles" single that drops on October 14, which features the Mat Zo remix as well as a remix from Artful Dodger.