Last night, someone at SOBs attempted to sneak attack iLOVEMAKONNENwhile he was on stage performing his smash hit "Tuesday." In the footage, which can be seen above, the person is seen approaching the stage at the beginning of the clip, when he then reaches out to dap up Makonnen, who returns the favor, not knowing the guy's real intentions.

The guy was able to bring Makonnen down to the ground and get a punch in before security and his crew jumped on him and chased him to the other side of the venue. No word on why the person felt the need to attack the recent OVO-signee, but Makonnen played off the situation like a champ and proceeded to turn up.... on a Tuesday at that. The concert, which was put together by Electric Circus, also featured performances from Rae Sremmurd, Audio Push, and more.

[via Estrada Films]