For Kill the Noise's Black Mvgic release, he linked up with Feed Me for "Thumbs Up (For Rock & Roll)," a banger that sounded more or less what you'd expect from these two. Fast forward two years, and we get the total 180 from that snarling electro number. Today, Feed Me dropped "Far Away," a calmer house number that replaces a thumbs up-giving kid with a chorus of British children, on Sotto Voce / Slow Roast. It's uplifting, and has apparently been worked on for the last 18 months. Word is that the video, which might feature some of the stills up above that Feed Me has been sharing, will be premiering via adult swim on October 25. We'll keep on the lookout for that. For right now, get swept far away with this inspiring track.

UPDATE Here's the trippy video for "Far Away":