The last time we brought you something from the Rare Beef crew, it was the mind-blowing "STREAMS" from Toronto's Eytan Tobin. Today we have something a bit different with this throwback house number from a duo known as FanBoy. Apparently these two are from Montreal and Madrid, and are on some mysterious shit. They'd been sorting out a number of remixes, but now have their self-titled debut EP chock full of original bangers due out on October 21. Last week XLR8R posted "Give Em," and when I was given the choice of records to present, there was something about those hi-hats, that lurching bass, and the way they slipped that vocal into the beat. It feels like a dark, sweaty night that erupts into dancefloor euphoria. There's a tinge of sinister vibes here, like we're hearing night bass' sneaky uncle. No creep vibes at all, but this isn't the happy happy rave joy vibes that many associate with proper early house material.