Dusky, following up on their recent smash "Love Taking Over," have announced the upcoming second release off of their 17 Steps label and it's just gorgeous. As the UK new school continues to blister the house and techno worlds with amazing sounds, "Yoohoo" immediately jumps out as an instant winner from the first listen. The uplifting, almost gospel-type vibes, carry this outstanding tune from the early moments providing a very classic overall feel. The single itself, packaged with a B-side ("Akebono") is due on November 16. Not that we live in an Internet society where purchasing music is commonplace, but this one might be worth it. Accompanying the announcement is also word of their "Take A Trip" experience upcoming at The Laundry in March, showcasing an "all-night journey of acid, electronica, house, techno and rave both past and present - allowing them to draw on the full spectrum of their sound."