Just the other week DJ Corey Grand hit us with a mind-bending tune. “No One Loves A Pardox” is one heck of a psychedelic track with razor sharp breaks and emotive soundscapes to set the tone. The trick is, that one track was just part of what Grand is offering these days. Today, we’ve got the full premiere on Grand’s new EP, Bathed In Light. The 30-minute release includes “No One Loves A Paradox” alongside seven other tracks sure to have you scratching your head. It’s a release that at the very least presents interesting philosophical questions as to what constitutes sound and music and where those two intersect. At times, sections of this release feels like jumbled psychedelic jazz and others, like an exercise in sonic design and how far one producer can stretch their audience. Standouts include the dreamy, trip-hop-y “Alchemy,” the previously mentioned “No One Loves A Paradox,” but overall, the whole thing is pretty interesting. The whole release is only 30 minutes so it is digestible and it’s absolutely worth your ears.

0:00 Fade / Numb
3:28 FLWRS Before I Go Feat. Twizz
7:14 Sweetest Death
10:28 Alchemy Feat. MAZ
15:16 Miranda Moon
18:21 No One Loves A Paradox Feat. Marcus Alan Ward
22:08 Lumpin' Awesome
25:20 Light Is Like Water / Bathed