Recently, BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge was graced by Alt-J. During these Live Lounge performances, the artists will knock out covers of songs; Alt-J chose Disclosure's breakout single, the Sam Smith-featured "Latch." Why? Who knows. Their rendition is polarizing: either you hate it, or you are on the Internets trying to defend why it's not terrible. It almost feels like a troll—not saying someone HAS to learn how a song is sung/played to cover it, but you'd imagine that they'd heard the song before. It felt like they'd purposefully picked the most obscure song (to them) that they could find on a list, and figured they'd just jumble a confusing rendition of it together.

Simply put, Alt-J's cover of "Latch" should be the nail in that track's coffin.

If you hadn't realized, 2014 saw "Latch" be officially released as a Disclosure single in America. Nevermind that the song first came out in the fall of 2012, and swept the U.S. almost as quickly as it did the UK. And like all singles that are receiving heavy radio play, people had a field day reworking this powerful Sam Smith vocal. Or totally avoiding it. That Alt-J cover had us thinking about all of the remixes of "Latch" that hit the scene—both official and bootleg—and wanted to finally put the whole "Latch" situation to bed (or get the stench of their cover out of our browsers, whichever came first). Here is the final look back at one of 2012 2014's biggest songs, Disclosure's "Latch," in hopes that remixers move on to another song to remix into oblivion.