It's arrived.

What is "it," exactly? "It" is the debut artist album from Los Angeles-based tunesmith Dillon FrancisMoney Sucks, Friends Rule. Dropping on Columbia Records on October 24, Spotify streams the album before it hits the streets. Available for pre-order via iTunes, the 12-track album has trickled free from Francis' hands including electrifying house smash with Martin Garrix, "Set Me Free," twerking DJ Snake-assisted track "Get Low," and "Love in the Middle of a Firefight," a top-40 aimed collaboration with Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie. Sultan and Ned Shepard were called in for peak-hour progressive house track "When We Were Young," while massive bass comes to the forefront for moombahton "reviving" low-end thumper "I Can’t Take It," and sparse, heavy and genre-jumping Major Lazer collaboration "We Make It Bounce." A release as diverse as it is fanciful, it not only features well-executed production concepts, but also advances the unique branding of Francis as a rising indie-to-mainstream power player.

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