I love left turns. I don't drive, though; I'm talking about the abrupt shifts that tracks take. Take, for instance, RVLVR's remix of Dev79's Street Bass Anthems Vol. 7 track "Dutch Yak." The original was a plodding, glitch-y affair, with intense stabs, manipulated vocals, and banging bass. RVLVR (the Philly beat bully formerly known as Speaker of the Dead) found a brilliant, airy loop to kick off his remix with, and while the tempo was heightened, I wasn't expecting this bass-fueled freakout. It works, is at more of a juke/footwork pace, but takes things into a far funkier lane than Dev79 did. We have it available to you for free, because we're nice like that (and we love freaky beats), and if you were looking to manipulate "Dutch Yak" in your own way, you can download the entire Ableton Live session via Splice. Now you have plans for the weekend. And be on the lookout for RVLVR's forthcoming New Low EP.