Berlin's Claptone celebrates 100,000 Facebook likes with the release of "100,000 (Ladies and Gentlemen)," a fierce edit of the Wu-Tang Clan's "Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)." Instead of a rap track nestled in a cracking (yet dusty) groove, "100.000" instead is a pulsating four-on-the-four house stomper, charging onto the dance floor "straight from the slums of Shaolin." In quickening the pace of the track and using a lone violin note to unify the heavier feel and faster elements, it refreshes a rap classic for everything from an underground party in Brooklyn to a peak hour night on the white isle of Ibiza. 1994 hip-house effects feeling right on time in 2014? Between tracks like these and the new UK funky feeling material featuring vocals from Mary J. Blige, it's entirely possible that everything old is brand-spanking new yet again.