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Chris Brown sat down with the Hot 97 crew to talk about some of his recent issues including drug abuse, making up with Rihanna, and how he felt when Drake and Rihanna were dating. From being affiliated with gang members to getting into fights at the club, Brown's been in quite a bit of legal trouble over the past year or two. He admits he was led astray during that time. "I was off the syrup, the xanax. Turnin' up," he told Ebro. "Yeah, you know... that's a hood cocktail right there."

He also opened up about his current relationship with Rihanna. Brown said that after the assault he just wanted Rihanna to see the good things in him again. However, when Rihanna started dating Drake he wasn't too happy. "I was tight. But you also got to consider that was in the thug Chris Brown era... I was in my bag."  

Chris Brown talks Rihanna and Drake:

Chris Brown talks Karrueche, Usher and MJ:

Chris Brown talks lawsuits and art work: