Though he is right in the middle of his ongoing Verge Campus fall tour, Chance The Rapper decides to release some new music this afternoon titled "No Better Blues." Chance once again teams up with his band The Social Experiment for this release, as he merges together a sort of spoken word style together with a soulful beat that features a heavy blues influence.

In true form to the songs blues roots, Chance lists off a number of things he hates on the record - rain, clouds, tv, couch, dinner, poor, lovers, government, festivals, money, etc. While it's obvious that Chance doesn't actually hate all of those things, he seems to be merely putting everything out on the table for the very open and honest song.

The dynamic record is the first taste of new music we have heard from Chance since he debuted his record, "Wonderful Everyday: Arthur," featuring a stellar cast of Wyclef Jean, Jessie Ware, Francis & the Lights, and Elle Varner back in July. This release also hints that we could be moving closer to a new project from Chance, which would be his first since he dropped his critically acclaimed mixtape, Acid Rap, in 2013.

Listen to the song below.