While the UK as a whole has been instrumental in progressing and innovating many dance music styles, it feels Bristol has nurtured numerous talents that helped elevate whatever style they chose to work within. A city that's the most populous in South West England, it's been seen as a bustling center of culture, with many different kinds of people calling the town home. Sitting about 120 milles west of London, DJs and producers in Bristol started making their own scenes, with many seeing the city as being the true birthplace of the "trip-hop" scene, as well as helping bring up genres like drum & bass, dubstep, and many newer forms of bass music. With a rich history that spans three decades, we took some time out to pinpoint Bristolians who've made early impacts, continue to push the scene forward, and those who will be look towards to push the sounds along in the future. Here's to you, Bristol.