You know how programmed electronic music listening has been? When Breakage makes a track that doesn't have a "drop," people freak. I get it; much of EDM is built around "the drop," no matter what genre. Breakage comes from a dnb background, and is well-aware of the formulaic nature of tunes, but let's just bask in the beauty of "Treading Water," the first track from his forthcoming third album, When The Night Comes. As Breakage told THUMP, “I wanted to do a track with an infinite breakdown/build up," which he did to escape the aggressive nature of many electronic tracks. By eschewing the formula, he's found the beauty in the music that can be erased by those waiting to release. Let's foreplay the fuck out of tunes, you know?

Digital Soundboy is dropping "Treading Water" on November 30, but you can pre-order it today.

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