One of our favorite labels, Main Course, has a new EP of remixes of music by one of the label founders Bot. This is like the Bits & Bites or Party Mix of remix EPs with a whole bunch of styles of music from a varied collection of producers from around the world. For people like me, who enjoy variety this is a good thing. People like Bits & Bites for a reason, it takes a bunch of really dope stuff that is great on it's own and combines them all together to make an even doper snack (yes, I wrote "doper").

So here you get the epic trap of Aquadrop, the wonky midtempo adventures of Riton and Bot, the throbbing techno of Blatta & Inesha and finally Wongo's deep and delicious house-y goodness combined into one awesome EP.

Love what they do as much as us? Think you might have what it takes to be on a Main Course release? There's a stem track available too and these guys are known to have hosted remix contests in the past. No details yet on how to submit but a head start never hurt.