Pittsburgh MC Boaz is getting ready to drop his album Intuition on October 21, and today he releases "Don't Know" featuring Mac Miller. The track is definitely a fun, braggadocios joint, with Boaz singing (yes, singing) "I got money on my mind/Pussy on my line/I'm getting to a dollar shorty I ain't got the time" on the hook. His voice actually blends perfectly with beat, too. 

Mac produced the track under his moniker Larry Fisherman, and he continues to prove he's just as nice behind the boards as he is in the booth. For his verse, Mac took it back to his stlye on K.I.D.S., rhyming with a more up-tempo, traditional 90's vibe. Of course, Mac has the every reason to flex, and he brashly stated he spent $700,000 last year. "Can you do that?," asks Mac. Unfortunately, we can't. 

Listen to the track below and pre-order Boaz's Intuition here.