I have no doubt in my mind that Ape Drums will be among those carrying the torch of dancehall/electronic dance music into the next era. The best part is that he makes a really banging version of this type of music that goes over wonderfully in the club and has made him a darling of many a working DJ. His latest, with legendary vocalist Gappy Ranks, doesn't let up on the intensity levels and will soon be finding a new home in my playlist. I say "soon" because it doesn't come out until October 30 as part of the free What Is a Jeffree? compilation. Every weekday leading up to the release they will be premiering a new track from the compilation until they've all come out. So far they also put out a collaboration between Tomsize & 8er$ and a track from C.Z..

I've heard mention of some of the other names that will be taking part, and all I can say is that this compilation will be huge.

(Mad Decent)

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