Alvin Risk is actually going to talk to his fans.

Well, not really, but the normally press-shy producer/DJ (he's highly protective of his brand and has never done an interview) will be conducting a Reddit AMA on November 11tat 11:11 AM PST (8:11 AM EST) to support the launch of VENTURE, his forthcoming five-track EP featuring Risk's own production and vocals on the entire project.

Always a progressive, the Blood Company management-affiliated producer's VENTURE will be both available for pre-order or eventual free download. As well, Risk has released material from the project via traditional means like a debut by BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe of "Alone" as a #FutureExclusive, with Jason Bentley of KCRW Los Angeles officially premiering "Wave" on his program, "Metropolis." As well, non-traditionally, leaks of music have also come via Travis Walton (UFO abductee, author of Fire In The Sky), art collective FriendsWithYou, innovative phone app Humin, Daniel Glass and Glassnote Records, and others. As stated in the release regarding the project, "[t]he connection may appear somewhat random but it is certainly not; all of these individuals and / or entities are highly original, open-minded, creative and progressive. They think for themselves and forge their own paths in life."

If wanting more visual stimulation (and information) regarding VENTURE, visit Alvin Risk's VENTURE site.