Gotta love when ill music drops out of nowhere. A little over a week ago, the duo known as HeadBanga emerged on the Internets, dropping an official remix of Jhene Aiko's "The Worst." That was fly, but the way they flipped this deeeeep Aaliyah cut "Never No More" is definitely up DAD's alley. From the opening bell, this one starts out perfectly, capturing a line from Aaliyah and turning it into the focal point of the entire remix, driving it through some murky trap depths before coming up for air (and club-influenced rhythms). They say that Flosstradamus' Autobot has some additional production on this, but whatever the case may be, if you're not turning up to this one yet, you're playing yourself. If you dig what you hear, know that this is the first taste of HeadBanga's forthcoming Gold Mind project. Keep it locked.

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