Now that the world knows Your Old Droog isn't Nas, we can finally let the Brooklyn MC find his own voice. On his latest release, "Secondhand Gunsmoke (Gunsmoke Cologne Superblack Remix)" he does just that. More of a sequel than a remix, "Secondhand Smoke (Gunsmoke Cologne Superblack Remix)" has an OG boom-bap beat courtesy of Sacha Jenkins from Superblack and J-Zone. But the most noticeable part of this track is Your Old Droog's distinctive flow and witty lyrics. With hilarious lines like "I've been doing this for years/Since Mexicans used to wear No Fear gear," and "She was in Trinidad and got hit on by Sinbad," it's clear Your Old Droog isn't copying anyone else. 

Check out "Secondhand Smoke" below. If you still think he sounds like Nas, you're either trolling, or you're just an incredible asshole: