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When it comes to releases, UK hip-hop may not be the most consistent of scenes. But there's certainly no shortage of talent. Everyone's heard of Skinnyman, Roots Manuva and Giggs, right? Even newer names like Little Simz, Hawk House and Piff Gang are turning SoundCloud lurkers into music-buying fans. Things are forever bubbling on the lyrical front, and, regardless of whether British rappers will ever be able to penetrate the U.S. market, the foundation is strong enough to hold its own. 

But, can the same be said for the producers? A rapper could possess the illest flow and content known to man, cat, and dog, but without the right backdrop—things can go horribly wrong. We often forget how important the producer actually is so, for our latest music guide, Complex catches up with ten of the most forward-thinking hip-hop beat-makers that Great Britain has to offer. And, what a creative bunch they are. 

Words by Nick Bam (@NickBam)