Leikeli47 is one of the baddest rappers out of Brooklyn right now. In the beginning of the year she released LK-47 Pt. II​, which combines boom-bap beats with braggadocious rhymes, and even a taste of R&B. Since then, Leikeli47 dropped "C&C" and the heater "Fuck The Summer Up." Now, Leikeli47 is back again with the video for "Two Times A Charm."

The "Two Times A Charm" video features Leikeli47 donning a ski-mask and gold fronts, while doing some gangster dance moves. She pounds on the table, stomps on your lungs, and tip toes in her Nike flip-flops. The beat, which Leikeli47 produced herself, encourages you to jump on top of your desk and scream, "We stomping on your lungs/You can't keep up." 

The bridge is the best part of the video, though. Leikeli47 has a young girl sing her part as she strums on the guitar. "You see baby, I'm sitting here and I'm laughing at you/I'm laughing because you're thinking too hard/You need to just let go, and have some fun/It ain't that serious, just do you boo." So real.