Waka Flocka Flame is hiring someone to roll his blunts for $50,000 a year. We're not sure if this includes health insurance and benefits but honestly, who fucking cares. If Waka smokes one blunt a day, you'd be getting paid $136.90 for every blunt you rolled. We doubt he only smokes one a day, but that was just to give you an example of the ridiculousness of this job.

He may have already hired Seth Rogen but you still have time: 

Just a heads up though, he told people to first tweet at him with the #icanroll hashtag but now you apparently have to apply on a rolling paper or blunt wrap! Good luck:

All resumes must be sent on a rolling paper or blunts #seriousinquiriesonly #Gpen

— Waka Flocka Flame (@WakaFlockabsm) September 17, 2014